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Creatv is a privately held company with expertise in diagnostics and microfabrication. The convergence of these technologies provided the genesis of the CellSieve microfiltration system for liquid cell biopsy. The ability to isolate all cancer associated cells from the blood and dedication to scientific accuracy led to the discovery of Cancer Associated Macrophage-Like cell (CAML) biomarker in cancer patients, but not health controls. Systematic studies of a wide variety of cancer types and treatments show wide spectrum of clinical applications covering cancer screening, many different diagnostics and early detection of cancer recurrence.

In 2006, Creatv received the R&D 100 Award for its microfabrication products and was chosen for the Micro/Nano 25 Technologies of Tomorrow List.

In 2013, Creatv was awarded the Biotech Company of the Year in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Transforming cancer screening and diagnostics by detecting and diagnosing cancer when it matters most, saving and improving lives


Creatv’s blood tests can detect cancer early when treatment is most effective, and can provide precision diagnostics to determine the optimal treatment, monitor treatment response, and predict prognosis.